The Light behind the Shadows

Colleen Anthony was raised in a Christian home and was taught from the Bible at an early age. She believed God to be her Creator, and she had invited Him into her life to be her Savior. At that time, she viewed Christianity as something to keep her out of hell and as a religion that served her rather than transformed her. She didn't see God as the one who knew what was best for her. All of that was about to change.

In The Light behind the Shadows, Colleen narrates her story, telling how her life changed, both spiritually and physically, when she was diagnosed with cancer. She shares her voyage through some dark storms and how God was with her each step of the way.

Chronicling Anthony's journey of faith, The Light behind the Shadows describes how these events squeezed her and made her realize how important it is to have a correct view of who God is and how much He loves us.

COLLEEN ANTHONY transitioned from living on a boat and traveling with a corporate career to a ranching lifestyle in Southeastern Idaho with her husband, Eric, and daughter, Marti. Colleen now runs the family cattle ranch. After surviving a brain tumor, paralysis, and breast cancer, her focus shifted toward a life devoted to prayer, recognizing that God's sheep are far more important than her cattle. 


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